Outlander Brewery & Pub

Finally Brewing!

Approved by TTB.  Opening date will be announced very soon.

Outlander at Solstice

Though we’re not yet allowed to sell our beer to the public, come by Outlander to enjoy some brats and beverages from our patio during the Solstice festival this weekend.

Fields of Strawberries

It was a close one, but the winner of the May poll is Strawberry Wheat.  Thanks for placing your votes!  Sadly, there will not be a June poll, as we are readying ourselves for opening sometime in June (assuming permits go as planned.)  Stay tuned for more updates!

New Poll

The peanut butter and chocolate stout, winner of the April poll will be on our opening beer menu.. Yumminess is to be expected.  May’s poll is up with another selection of interesting options.  Place your vote!

We Have a Location!

After almost a year of searching for a place for our brewery and pub we have finally found a GREAT location in the Fremont neighborhood. Stay tuned for more info as we will be OPENING our doors late May !!! Cheers!