Photos of ‘Outlander’ by Seattle Met

Photos of ‘Outlander’ by Seattle Met

Amazing Photos of  ‘Outlander’ by Seattle Met Magazine! 

Big thanks to Chris and Lucas!



Check out review from ‘Sandford’s Beer Blog’

Thanks to Sanfords Beer Blog for visiting over opening weekend. Check out their review here:

August 2012 Beer Poll.

The new beer poll is up.  Really like this list.  On a side note, those who missed out on the peanut butter and the strawberry beer will be happy to hear we will be brewing them again tomorrow.  Expect these sometime in the end of the month.

Grand Opening Support

Grand opening was amazing!  Thanks to all you who came down to support us.  What a great night!  We also apologize to those who came down for a particular beer that we had ran out of.  We were not expecting this great a turnout and we will start brewing those beers immediately.  We will also be more attentive with updating our beer lists on our blog.  Thanks again.  Cheers!

Grand Opening Day(s)

We are happy to announce our Grand Opening Day(s):
This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (August 3rd,  4th and 5th) from 5pm-12am everyday.
Starting Monday August 6th we will be open for Lunch and Dinner 7 days a week.
Happy Hour: Monday – Friday 3pm – 6pm!
Stay Tuned for our Beer and Food Menu.
Outlander Brewery and Pub
225 N. 36th St. Seattle-Fremont, 98103

Finally Brewing!

Approved by TTB.  Opening date will be announced very soon.

Outlander at Solstice

Though we’re not yet allowed to sell our beer to the public, come by Outlander to enjoy some brats and beverages from our patio during the Solstice festival this weekend.

Fields of Strawberries

It was a close one, but the winner of the May poll is Strawberry Wheat.  Thanks for placing your votes!  Sadly, there will not be a June poll, as we are readying ourselves for opening sometime in June (assuming permits go as planned.)  Stay tuned for more updates!