*Please note – Due to our  small-scale brewery, Outlander taps rotate often. Be prepared to see something new from us each time you come in!





Beers we have brewed so far (Let us know which one you would like to see again).

– Peanut Butter Stout- 

– Foreign IPA-

– Chili Amber-

– Monster Mash Raisin Pumpkin-

– California Uncommon-

– Lord Byron’s Darkness (Dark Belgian)-

– Vanilla Jasmine Porter-

– Pumpkin Spice-

– Yam Ale-

– Knokke -Heist (Belgian Pale Ale)-

– Honey Basil Ale-

– Strawberry Wheat-

– V.I.P.A  (Very Intriguing Pale Ale) –

– Del Boy (English Mild Ale)-

– Gent (Oaked Belgian)-

– Exed Rose Red (Fresh Hop Red)-

– Federal Defenestration (Irish IPA) –

– Ode to Oda (Barley Wine)-

– Daisen  Confused (Hefeweizen)-

– Are U Nut? (Brown Ale)-

– Presidential Ale (Honey-Blonde Ale)-

– Tesla Wizard (Imperial Stout-Bourbon Barrel)-

– Reishi Mushroom Stout (Healing Of A Nation #1)

–  Rye Pale – 

–  O.G. Apple (Organic Ginger and Apple Ale) –

– Roggenbier (German Rye )-

– Koselig (Holiday Ale)-

– Fiscal Cliff (Holiday Ale)-

– Rauch n’ Maple (Smoked Beer)-

– Smash Nelson (Pale)-

– That’s What’s Up (English Brown)-

– Kostas OooPAAA ( Oatmeal Pale Ale )-

– Braggot (honey ale)-

– Not A Beer  (Glutten Free)-

– Cherry Belgian –

– Oatmeal Stout-

– Smash Slovenian (Pale) –

– Wee Heavy Scotch Ale –

– Oaked Cherry Belgian ( soured with lactobacillus )-

– Astragalus and Shisandra (medicinal)-  

– Goats and Roses (brewed with Horny Goat Weed and Rose Petals ) –

– Graham Cracker (Brewed with 14 pounds of Graham Cracker) –

– Five B’s (Scotch Ale -aged in Bourbon Barrel) –

– Bavarian Hefeweizen –

– Spring Break (ESB)-

– Dragan Saison (brewed with Dragon Fruit)-

– Orzo Secco (Oak Aged Black Ale brewed with Thai Basil)-

– Sahti (Juniper and Rye Hefeweizen )-

– Durian Dubbel ( brewed with Durian Fruit) –

– Rooster Ale-Sriracha and Cilantro (Pale Ale)-

  Coconut Stout-

 Smash Citra-

– Bitter Ninnies ( Belgian IPA)-

– Belgian Brown-

– Knight Rye’der (Black Rye IPA)-

– Dark Tripel-

– Baltic Porter-

– Cheap Arse (English Pale Ale)-

– Wright Brothers (brewed with Birds Eye Chili Peppers ) –

– Smash Amarillo-

– Bergamot  IPA –

– Gratzer ( Smoked Sour Wheat)-

– Imperial Coffee Stout (brewed with Fremont Coffee Co. -Bone Shaker roast)-

– Smoke Fire IPA (brewed with Trinidad Scorpion peppers)-

Lavender Stout –

– Saison- 

 – Smoked Molasses (stout)  –     

– Biere de Garde –

– Kolt 55 (Malt Liquor)-

– Honey Ale-

– Bourbon Double IPA –

– XMas in July –

– G.L Wheat –

– Belgian Blonde-

– Rye & Sorhgum-

– Lovely Jubbly (English IPA)-

– Jamaican Stout –

– Belgian Strong-

– TrappYeast (Belgian Single)-

– Biggus Dikuss (Barley Wine)-

– HSA (Hoppy Session Ale)-

– Smoked Pale-

– Noble IPA (german hops IPA)-

– O.B (english ordinary bitter)-

-Belgian Dark and Strong-

– Gruit(Herb Mixture – No Hops)-

 -Red Sour (aged in Oaked barrels w/lacto)-

– Papaya Hefeweizen –

– Heather Ale (no hops)-

– Marzen (Oktoberfest)-

-Berliner Weisse (sour wheat)-

– S.M.A.S.H  Sorachi –

– Bay Leaf (Brown Ale)-

– Maple Pumpkin Spice-

– Old Ale-

– Belgian Stout –

– Chamomile Ale-

– Hibiscus and Rose Hips Ale-

– Rye Peppercorn Porter-

– Blueberry Porter-

-Seat of your Pants (brewed with Elderberries)-

– Best Bitter-

– Cucumber/Lemongrass-

– Ginger Wit Sour – 

-Dunkelweizen –

-English Rye IPA-

-Belgian Double Date (brewed with dates)-

-Chaga Mushroom & Vana Basil(medicinal beer)-

– Christ of Spice (Xmas Ale)-

-Chocolate & Orange Peel Stout –

– Smoke Serrano Pepper (Scotch Ale) –

– Merican IPA –

– S.M.A.S.H  EKG (Single Hop – Goulding )-

-Dearg (Irish Red) –

– Brixton (English IPA)-

– Smoked Porter –

– Frisky Stout (oysters and horny goat weed)-

– Heather Ale (brewed with Heather Flowers)-

– Brussel vs. Vienna (belgian ale)-

– Skinny (light scotch ale with black tea)-

– Imperial Cricket Stout (brewed with roasted crickets)-

– Saison Szechuan (brewed with Szechuan peppers)-

– S.M.A.S.H Aramis  (single malt single hop)-

– Butter Scotch (Brown) –

– Oatmeal Saison –

-Smoky Rye Pale-

– Wheat IPA-

– Coffee Oatmeal Porter-

– Gose-

-Kiwi Sour-

-Lavender Bergamot Sour –

-Sauerkraut Sour-

-Hibiscus Pale-

and many many more !


18 Comments on “BEER

  1. Loved the Yam Ale, and Pumpkin Spice. Looking forward to trying the Tesla Wizard this evening.

  2. Dear Nigel and Dragan,
    You have the most amazing array of beer going in Seattle… (yes, I am biased…).
    I have seen in awe your start up, your full on “make it happen” approach (while being chill and super customer friendly), and now see you really getting it going full stride…LOVE IT!!!
    Amazing Custom Beers, Venue, Customer Service…I could go on, but instead, I’ll just join you for a beer and a bite this weekend!
    -Another satisfied customer, DJNODJ
    p.s. the range of beers you have made in such short time is insane….thank you….!

  3. Sweet selection and venue…gotta keep trying it. Inspiration and community are the drivers of this culture of beer.

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  5. Astragalus and Shisandra (medicinal

    – Reishi Mushroom Stout (Healing Of A Nation #1)

  6. Dude advertise at bastyr university. Anything with medicinal value will be the whole bot med lab to your bar. Also bastyr has an ice breaker party in the fall and they order catering. It would be great If you could supply a couple of medicinal brews for that event.

  7. Anything with herbs instead of hops I find very interesting! Bring on the Gruut!

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  9. My friend and I are semi regulars and we are already lamenting the departure of The Spice is Right. That is one of my favorite beers ever and easily my favorite put out by you guys. All your stuff is amazing, that one is off the charts.

  10. The pub where I was beer-raised in UCIrvine has a wide selection of beers with quality across the board. I grew familiar with breweries such as Deschutes, Anderson Valley, Ballast Point, etc.
    Upon arriving in Seattle, I was told of the fantastic brewing scene and was sufficiently disappointed by many of the local breweries. Yet one brewery has never let me down: Outlander. Fantastic brewing. Fantastic atmosphere.

    Thanks for giving me a place to take my friends who visit from out of town.

    The chai beer was great (a few months back). I’d be interested in seeing the peanut butter stout again.

  11. The first and second and third and fourth time I went to Outlander, I had a Dill Sour (or two.) It was the best beer I’ve ever had! I always love your selection, but I also always feel a pang of loss when it isn’t there. Love to see it again some day!

  12. We loved the holy basil when we visited from the UK in June. Great beer in a great setting, thanks guys !

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