New Beers on Tap:

Rooster ale (Sriracha and Cilantro Ale):

Made with the beloved Sriracha sauce.  A pale ale with a distinct Sriracha and cilantro nose.   Very light-bodied with subtle chili heat and vegetal flavors.  Surprisingly clean and refreshing.  5.6%  IBU:17

Belgian Brown:

A brown ale brewed with Belgian Ardennes yeast and Bullion hops.  Classic Belgian spice nose with herbal and floral flavors.  6.3%  IBU:31

Knight Rye’der (Black Rye IPA):

Our collaboration with Road Dog’s Seattle Brewery Tours.  A black IPA made with Chinook, Cascade and Simcoe hops.  Piney, herbal, chocolate and floral notes on the nose.  Medium-bodied with herbal and spicy flavors from the hops and malt.  Some roasted malt flavors, along with a subtle alcohol presence.  Well-balanced.  7.3%  IBU:55.5


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