New Beers on Tap:

Coconut Stout:

Brewed with toasted coconut shavings.  Lots of coconut aroma along with notes of dark malts.  Malty, sweet, chocolate and coffee flavors.  Clean bitterness with a coconut finish.  ABV: 6.5%  IBU: 42

Sahti (Juniper Rye):

Brewed as close to the traditional Finnish style as we were willing to do.  A rye beer brewed with Bavarian Hef yeast, mashed with juniper berries and only boiled for ten minutes with zero hop additions.  Strong banana nose with some hints of juniper.  Sweet, smooth and fruity. Some clove notes along with a pleasant juniper finish.  ABV: 7.6%  IBU:?

Bitter Ninnies (Belgian IPA):

Bitter ninnies seeking the seemingly ubiquitous NW IPA will be very disappointed by this beer.  A Belgian IPA brewed with Ardennes yeast and experimental hops #1210 and #6300.  Sweet nose with an array of citrus and tropical fruits.  Mild bitterness, medium-bodied with earthy, grassy flavors and notable clove presence.    ABV: 7.1%  IBU:54



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