New Beer – Outlander V.I.P.A.

A golden colored, light-bodied ale, brewed with Warrior, Citra, and HBC-342 hops.    Wonderfully balanced and not overly bitter like some American IPAs.  You might even go as far as calling it a very intriguing pale ale.  IBU: 48; ABV:5.6%


3 Comments on “New Beer – Outlander V.I.P.A.

  1. Any chance of sharing your hopping schedule for this? I assume you’re using the Warrior for bittering, so are the Citra hops late addition for the aroma/ flavor?

  2. Also, what is HBC-342 like? I haven’t had the chance to use them yet. I like that more dual-purpose varieties are being released now, opening up the opportunity for for SMaSH beers that retain the balance of those previously using one hop for bittering and one or two others for aroma/ flavor.

  3. Hey Cameron,
    How’s it going? Yup, Warrior for bittering, Citra for flavor, and HBC dry-hopped for one week. The aroma of HBC is very mellow. I would say it has a very clean hop aroma, somewhat floral, not much citrus. I’m sure it would make an incredible SMaSH beer. When you coming over?

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