Our fresh hops!

Our fresh hops!

Fresh Hops ..


4 Comments on “Our fresh hops!

  1. What varieties are you growing there? I have some Willamettes going in soon. I know it’s late, but they’re just first year plants, so they wouldn’t really have produced anyway. I’m just hoping to get enough growth out of them this summer to get them established.

    P.S. I made an Imperial Chocolate Stout last weekend. I was thinking of splitting it into a few separate carboys for secondary, adding some Bourbon cubes to one, some tart cherries (and maybe some Lambic yeast like Wyeast 3278) to another, and some baker’s chocolate to another to see what I get out of each one. Then I’ll have a bit of a tasting/ blending with some local brewers. I can’t wait to get over there and try your brews!

  2. There is Perle, Mt Hood and Cascade in the picture. We are also growing Kent East Goldings, and Perle at the brewery, which we planted way too late in the season. If you plant early spring they produce. But yeah, alpha for the first year is usually really low.

    That sounds like a really fun experiment. My experience with baker’s chocolate was that it was bitter and left a muddy, unpleasant funk behind, though it could have been the chocolate (Hershey’s) or quantity I used. Also, if you experiment with lambic yeast make sure you use completely different equipment than your normal setup. The bacteria in 3278 is incredibly resilient to all types of sanitizing and can spread easily through airborne means. Definitely let me know how they turn out.

  3. Is Outlander up and running from a brewing/beer sales standpoint? In case the answer has been posted on Facebook and/or Twitter … I choose not to participate in the social media sites, so thought I’d ask here.

    • Hi Bill,
      Thanks for asking
      We are still waiting on TTB approval -to start brewing and serving- besides that everything else is ready ..
      Hopefully in 2 weeks..
      Can’t blame you about social media sites 🙂 ,not a big fan myself..
      Please stay in touch with us by clicking ‘follow this blog’ or via email..

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